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Did Paris Hilton Smuggle Weed Into Mexico

We all know that Paris Hilton is not someone you want your daughter to model herself after. If you do not want your daughter to be famous for releasing a sex tape, going to prison for a DUI and possibly for a drug smuggler.
30.1.09 13:40

Dancing With The Stars Tours Tomorrow And Saturday In Conn Monday In Providence

The 55-year-old woman is sitting in Oaklawn Grange, home of the Always on Sunday Ballroom. She came alone, having driven about 60 miles to this couples only event, a hearing for a local show of Dancing With the Stars tour.. And its not existential reality. But still, Nancy Smith-Tefft Of Columbia, Conn., struggles with it. Here a good question, and a simple, too.
30.1.09 13:40

Quot Mad Men Quot Costume Designer Talks New Fashion Line

I m working on some things I hate nowI right to be so mysterious, but I can t really say! It would be my name attached to it though, says Bryant Glamor magazine.. The Golden Globe winning show Mad Men is known for his iconic costume - now, costume Janie Bryant speaks of the possibility of creating its own Mad Men inspired modern fashion and how women can achieve this vintage.
30.1.09 13:40

Lily Allen Likes To Eat And Smoke

I think itll be nice if we focused more on his crumb of bread and takes away from finger-tip the other singers (read: Katy Perry). All Im worried about is his fight against the habit. Lily Allen loves two things in addition to singing and fighting with Katy Perry. As for his habit of eating goes, I have no grudge against it. In any case, heres what Lily has to say about. One is to eat, which has recently opened up to a second magnetic and smoking, which is evident from the picture above.
30.1.09 13:40

Madonna Doesn Quot T Frighten Justin Timberlake

Madge Timberlake and have been nominated for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for 4 Minutes As JT says, [Madonna] short, was not as t scared at all. Her fear is only common sense. The woman is at a distance of biting your genitals. Quite frankly, that should be more afraid, good sir. When Justin Timberlake was interviewed by CBS Katie Couric for the Grammy All Access special, said that it was appropriately humbled by the prospect of working with pop diva Madonna just before the two heads in the recording studio, but was not t scared.
30.1.09 13:40

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